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Our Story

Since the creation of Females That Smoke in 2012 we have come a long way, not to mention we did a total 360 with the brand. What started as a blog for music, art, and appreciation for expressionism among the marijuana subculture eventually evolved into this beautiful blossom of hand picked clothing and fashion trends giving our fan base a new art form to appreciate. In the re-branding we wanted to keep the same philosophy of expression but wanted to expand in a more meaningful direction. Smoking hot fashion, for a smoking hot cost that you are not able to get at those large retailers or boutiques that charge almost double for similar items. Did we mention this website was created by a guy? Yes, its true, a very creative and technical guy at that; with a sense of what looks good!

Meet the Team



Founder & CEO & Developer

With 15+ years of print design and web design knowledge I have always had a passion for art and color regardless of the medium; print, web, fashion, music, photography...I love it all! Viewing the world from a different perspective has always helped me love myself along with trying to encourage others to do the same. Life is too short to worry about others opinions, whether it is your beliefs, your career, or your sense of style; Look Good, Feel Good, Be You!

  • Diploma of Web Design, Associate of Science in Web Design & Multimedia
  • Manages Over 25 Social Media Accounts
  • Operates 3 Businesses
  • Expensive Cologne and Fine Tequila
  • Dog dad to one mischievous husky, Bandit aka Big Bandz.
  • Music: Anything from Bob Dylan to Lil Wayne, lets dance!

Outfit: Nike Shoe, Dark Wash Jeans, Colored V-Necks (no graphics)


Bandit aka Big Bandz

Security & Snack Advisor


  • Office and Website Security Adviser
  • Official Office Snack Coordinator
  • Great Vocal Communication


  • Cheese
  • Car Rides
  • Long Walks
  • Naps


  • People Who Don't Share
  • Being Woke Up
  • Poor Security Practices